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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Scientist Teleport Light


Scientist at the University of Tokyo, led by Noriyuki Lee announced Wednesday that they made the first successful attempt at transporting light.

The teleportation of a light particle is a pretty tough process, the particle has to be destroyed in one place and then re-created in another, which up to this point had only been a theoretical possibility.

The whole process involves a trick known in quantum physics as entanglement. Quantum entanglement in theory, suggests that two particles can be bonded together and communicate they’re properties despite being  separated by large distances of ‘normal’ space.

According to Fox News:

“Lee and his team accomplished this by linking a packet of light to one half of a pair of entangled particles. They then destroyed the light and the particle it was linked to, leaving only the lone particle of the entangled pair. The remaining particle retains the link with its entangled partner, though, including information about the light, which enabled the researchers to rebuild the light in the exact configuration at the other location.”

Although this isn’t anywhere near close to teleporting anything even as large as a flea, whatever the team learns about controlling the quantum world could lead to all sorts of benefits in quantum computing, and energy.

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