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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wii 2 Might Be Coming This October


A rumor hit the web today that releases some supposed details to Nintendo’s next console. It might be coming this October, cost $350-$400 and could be called the ‘Stream’.

Rumors were already speculating that the console will have some pretty revolutionary controllers, they’re rumored to each have their own touch-screen as well as a few other pretty neat features.

The latest rumors suggest that the name ‘Stream’ is being kicked around as the title of the new console and that the power of the system might allow for users to stream separate games to each controller via a single console. If that’s the case then the ‘Stream’ might be pretty kick-ass, imagine being able to stream a Netflix movie through your Stream controller while you walk around your pad. I know there’s a lot of tablet users out there who are using their devices as mobile home theaters already, so I don’t see why Nintendo wouldn’t think of this feature as a possibility. Not to mention how sweet it would be to play any of your games without having to use the TV.

Of course, the specs are going to have to be pretty impressive in order to fulfill that wish list. If the rumored specs are to be believed, the ‘Stream’ is going to be one hell of a beast. It’s supposed to have an AMD R700 GPU based on the company’s latest chipset architecture, the GPU alone blows away the company I will not mention’s console I will not mention’s current GPU which is the strongest performing on a console today. If that’s not enough, the ‘Stream’ might be shipping with a custom built IBM triple-core PowerPC CPU, a similar chipset to the Xbox 360’s, but running at a faster clock rate.

I hope these rumors are true, if they are then Nintendo might be looking at another huge controller innovation ‘win’.

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