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Monday, May 9, 2011

Chinese Customers Get Violent Over Apple Products


People in China got violent over the iPad 2 release in Beijing over the weekend. Fights broke out, people were bloodied and glass was smashed.



What happened at the iPad 2  launch?

At the iPad 2 release, group believed to be a scalpers was caught trying to cut ahead in line. They were confronted by one of the Apple store security guards who told them they could wait in line and buy theirs the same time as everyone else. Apparently the would-be scalpers didn’t dig that idea and started a fight with security. An employee from the Apple store then came out with  a metal club (I guess to help the poor overwhelmed security guy out) and smacked up 2 young men and 2 middle aged women. According to the reports Apple then shut down the store, which somehow led to one of the stores glass windows being shattered when the crowds got mad they wouldn’t be able to get their hands on the ’magical’ device that day.

The store remained shut down all Saturday and re-opened on Sunday with no issues to report.

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