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Monday, March 21, 2011

China’s Government Being Blamed for Gmail Shutdown


Reports are coming in that China’s Gmail service is being disrupted. People all over China and Google itself seem to think the government is behind the disruptions.

Google is saying that they have not seen any technical issues with Gmail and that it looks like a government blockage designed to look like a flaw in Gmail.  The Chinese government is denying any involvement (of course) and says as they have in previous investigations that insinuating their involvement in such things is unfounded speculation.

This shutdown comes after an internet campaign in the country that is calling for protests like the one’s seen in the middle east recently. The protests their planning are being called the ‘Jasmine Revolution’ and is a call for Chinese citizens to help get more reforms passed in the country. The  Chinese government has a history of stopping any dissent before it becomes anything, however I hope that they get the same rude awakening as those who doubted their peoples power in the Middle East.

This really seems like something China is not only capable of but more than willing to execute, last year they had a little battle with Google over Chinese human rights activists having their email accounts hacked into and some of the company’s intellectual property being stolen. That led to Google reducing it’s presence in the country.

More recently it has been revealed that Chinese hackers have been exploiting a flaw in Microsoft’s Internet Explorer in order to gain access to peoples Gmail accounts.

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