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Monday, May 16, 2011

A few Specs On The New WP7 Mango Build


Microsoft is showing off it’s latest WP7 build, codenamed mango at this years TechEd 2011 in Atlanta.

So what’s new in WP7 Mango?

For starters Microsoft is offering users the ability share documents via their cloud services Office 365 and Windows Live SkyDrive. That’s pretty handy for people who have tons of documents and can’t store them all locally on their devices.

On the social side of things there will be improved Twitter integration which is good news for the many many people complaining about WP7 lack of a decent twitter app. Facebook/AOL chat is also getting an overhaul and being made more accessible.

There are also some new security features being announced at the reveal, such as complex password support and Information Rights Management capabilities that protect emails and docs from being stolen or unwantedly accessed.

Microsoft is also planning to add new functions for developers which will allow them to target their app distribution and a huge push for HTML  support.

There was no mention however on how or if they plan to leverage their recent Skype acquisition to add any new features, but I’m hoping they’ll mention something coming in the near future.

Microsoft seems to be playing it pretty smart, some people might say their being slow, but I think it’s a smarter idea for them to release things that can compete with the current kings of mobile operating systems (Android and iOS), rather than just rush things to the market. Microsoft has built a pretty good foundation with WP7, they have plenty of tools that make it easy for people to develop on their OS and there are already quite a few Silverlight, .Net, Visual… developers that can use what they already know to get a decent start on WP7 so the future is looking pretty bright for Microsoft mobile. Despite the fact that they’re struggling in market share and install base now.

So with all that Microsoft is hoping to attract more developers to the platform so they can start competing with the Apple and Android App store and Marketplace. Something they’re going to have to achieve if they want to be taken seriously in the mobile space, and repair their damaged reputation there.

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