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Monday, May 16, 2011

Quick Hit: Rim Recalls 1,000 Playbooks, Not Really a Big Deal


RIM had to pull 1,000 Playbooks from the distribution chain to Staples on Saturday due to defects. None of the recalls affect users who already have their Playbook's. Here’s the scoop.

The problem with the defective Playbooks is on an OS level, apparently the bad OS build responsible is unable to load software properly during it’s initial set-up. According to reports all the devices recalled were still in the supply chain so no users were really affected, and RIM says there hard at work trying to replace the devices ASAP.

This isn’t a good look for Research In Motion, it comes hot off the heels of their latest OS update, which could mean they’re releasing a buggy build, and they don’t seem to be winning over anyone except hardcore BlackBerry users with the Playbook as it stands.

I wish the best for RIM, but they have a lot to do before they’re taken seriously in the tablet game.

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