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Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Google Adds Tons Of New Movies To YouTube VOD


Google announced that they will be adding tons of new movies from some pretty big studios to YouTube’s streaming movie service. Making them a bigger competitor in the on-demand streaming movie service scene.

According to Google they struck a deal with Sony, NBC Universal and Warner Brothers to add 3,000 new movies to YouTube’s on demand movie service.  The service will also allow users to stream the movies they rent to their Android devices.

The new service puts Google in direct competition with Apple, Hulu, Netflix and Amazon who all already have a pretty good amount of content, so it might be a little tough going for Google on this one. My guess is they might get quite a few of the people who already use YouTube but might not want to deal with a subscription service like Netflix or Amazon. The new ‘movies’ tab on the YouTube homepage is probably going to get some curious clicks from those people and they might just see something they like and try it out.

The movies cost a little under $4 to rent, you get 30 days to watch the movie and once you start it you have 24 hours to watch the whole thing (pretty familiar to anyone who has ever used VOD)

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