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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Intel Plans To Add New Dimension To It’s Next Line Of Processors





Intel’s right on schedule for their two year manufacturing process upgrade, and their newest technique adds a whole new dimension to the game.



The new dimension comes via Intel’s new ‘tri-gate’ 3D transistors, which unlike current 2D planar transistors allow electrons to move up down left and right. According to Intel the new process will make chips faster, more power efficient and smaller, while only increasing manufacturing costs by a tiny percentage.

Intel's new line of chips should be released later this year and will be featured on everything from cell phones to servers by the end of next year. Thanks to the new tri-gate transistors they will be 37 percent faster than Intel's current 32nm chips, and consume less power. All that and Intel says they’ll be cheaper to boot.

The desktop PC chips which Intel is calling Ivy-Bridge will be 22nm and and have full on support for DirectX 11.

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