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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Why There Is Good Reason NOT To Celebrate Osama Bin Laden’s Death


I know this has nothing to do with tech, I’ve been trying my best to ignore all the news and just keep writing about tech…but it’s just irking me too much. Yes Bin Laden is dead, yes this strikes a blow to the terrorist organization he was running, but no there is no reason to celebrate or be happy, what your doing is being a hypocrite and ignoring what I see is common sense and logic.

First off, terrorists don’t hate, and aren’t jealous of our democracy or freedom. Al Qaeda hates us because we support Israel and their government. Why they decided to attack us is beyond me, maybe they were just upset or wanted to prove they could touch us. Whatever the reason they killed over 3,000 people in one attack. Before that there were pretty much no real successful foreign terrorist attacks on our soil and quite frankly when compared to Israel or England we were being left alone. Instead of looking at it rationally people overreacted to the media hype, bought and off we went to war.

Fighting terror by going to war is like fighting anger by pissing someone off in my opinion, whats more terrifying, being attacked by terrorist once every 15-20 years mostly unsuccessfully? or being attacked by one of the worlds largest militaries backed by the biggest military budget who are coming to invade your homes and question you about whether or not your involved in a terrorist act you knew nothing about, a country that can drop bombs from miles off sea, never knowing when or where they will strike? oh and that will be consistent for 10 years, are you scared yet?

You see to me most people are just ignoring the feelings of those who were affected by our actions in getting Bin Laden, no one cares about the thousands of men, women and children who were murdered in the process of our revenge. The terrorists didn’t just kill those people on 9-11-2001 they also gave us an excuse to kill thousands more of their and our own people, but we supported it, we paid for it, and now we’re fucking proud of it?

I’m not I’m disgusted by those of you who think that this is justified, it could have just been those people killed in the 9-111 attacks dead. Instead, thanks to our lack of emotional control, we lost many many many many more, and effectively changed our way of life. What did we win? What do we get? What satisfaction is there in this?

It’s not our place to fight terrorism, it’s an emotion that in itself is a dumbassed statement to make. We are a terrorist country in that we scare the shit out of anyone who would dare get in our way, people are actually saying “yea see what happens when you fuck with the U.S” what do you mean to achieve by that statement? Is it to insight terror in anyone who might attack us? If so then you my friend are a terrorist who is too scared to take anything in to his own hands and hides behind the strongest military in the world? Home of the brave eh?

Not only is this county terrorizing others, but it’s also trying to rule the world by sponsored democracy, putting people who are U.S-trade friendly in power so they can rape countries resources in order to feed our fat American asses. So although we vote them in, we have essentially been supporting multiple dictators with that common goal.

So those are few of many many many more reasons not to celebrate the death of Bin Laden, I didn’t even get to the point of us having antagonized Al Qaeda now and what they might do.


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