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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

New Nanotech Allows For Crazy Fast Data Transfer


The new technology is coming out of the University of California Berkley and could theoretically lead to some pretty unbelievable data transfer speeds.

Xiang Zhang is heading up a team that has successfully created a tiny optical device that allows them to switch light on and off. The new tech would allows for super fast data packet transmission, seeing as light is pretty much the fastest traveling photon (wave?) that we currently know of.

Zhang’s team found a cherry spot in the voltage levels of graphene by combining it with silicon that allows them to prevent the normally free flowing light photons to be blocked, which means they can communicate in binary and in turn they can transfer data. Simple right?

The amazing thing here is that since it’s light, it’s really really really fast, although the team has only been successful in creating a 1GHz modulation speed, in theory the tech will allow for speeds up to 500GHz from a single modulator. That means you could download huge multi-GB files in seconds or minuets.

Zhang said in a quote to TG Daily;

"Graphene-based modulators not only offer an increase in modulation speed, they can enable greater amounts of data packed into each pulse"

If you imagine  it like a water faucet, current data transfer speeds are at about a drip, this new tech could would be like cranking both handles open and shut, letting the water blast out fast as possible in each burst.

I’m looking forward to hearing more from Zhang and his team. The next few years are definantly shaping up to be very interesting for Nano-tech.

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