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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Quick Hit: Apple Updates iOS, Fixes Tracking ‘Bug’


Apple rolled out an update today to iOS that addresses some of the current outrage people have been feeling about the fact that their phones and tablets trace their location, despite this being pretty well known long long before iOS or Android even existed.

So the patch released today will cut the iPhone and iPad’s tracking database to the last 7 days, rather than the years worth of data it was holding before. In case your wondering why it’s still holding any information, it’s because it needs it so applications can have quicker access to your location for certain features, also to help prevent dropped calls and other failing signal issues.

The patch calms some nerves I’m sure but nonetheless people either have to start reading about these things and why they’re done, accept it an move on with their lives or just ignore it altogether because once again, your phone’s been tracking you since before the days of iPhone and will continue to, mostly because it has to, that’s just the way mobile technology works my friend.

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