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Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Sony Apparently Can’t Deal With Stress, Blames Anonymous For Data Theft



Sony is saying today that the recent outage of Qriocity and PSN isn't due to anonymous directly, but they’ve still wrangled up a way to blame them somehow.

My guess is Sony is dong this because they want the government to go after anonymous, which is a pretty stupid thing to want to do in and of itself, not because anonymous is dangerous or might retaliate, but because chasing a group of anonymous individuals is basically like chasing ghosts…so good luck with that one Sony.

Any-who back to the issue at hand, Sony is saying that they were distracted by anonymous’ DDoS attacks which were launched about two weeks before the data loss attack occurred and stopped because gamers were being harmed more then Sony and anonymous did not want that. At any rate Sony is still saying that because they were dealing with the DDoS attacks they were overwhelmed and could not handle the separate attack which ended with someone somewhere stealing thousands if not millions of encrypted credit card numbers from PSN and Qriocity users.

This whole thing dosen’t make much sense to me, if the only reason they were breached was because they were dealing with a DDoS attack from anonymous then why did they need to shut down the services and have a security team come in and audit their systems? If security was good in the first place then they would not have needed such a long break in order to patch up what was damaged. They could’ve just shut the hacker out, checked all his backdoors and went right along with business as usual. Instead they halted everything, had what seemed like a massive panic attack and ended up finding numerous flaws and holes in their security which then took them over a week to repair. That’s not the fault being distracted, that;s the fault of Sony not keeping their security up to date and checked out.

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