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Monday, May 16, 2011

Seagate’s New Battery Powered Wireless Portable Hard Drive Coming Soon


Seagate made an announcement today that they will be bringing a battery-powered wireless external hard drive out for iOS and Android devices. Allowing wireless movie and music streaming in a small network for all.

The new hard drives will offer up to 500GB of storage, 5 hours of battery life when in use (25 hours on standby) and will allow users from multiple devices to access the same content at once over 802.11 b/g/n wireless channels. They’ll also be coming with USB 3.0 cables to help you transfer your data over quicker as well as to charge the device and all the necessary software to get your devices connected.

From  Seagate’s website:



One of my favorite features is being able to access your content anywhere within range via your browser, which means that any device capable of running a browser will be able to find and watch or listen to whatever you store in the HDD. I know there are some other solutions for this, but it’s still pretty cool to have the function built into the hard drives firmware and not have to worry about really setting anything much up.

Well there you have it, a new wireless media home solution for you data junkies out there. The GoFlex Satellites will go on sale in July for $199.99 at the usual stores (Amazon, Best Buy, Tiger Direct, etc...) but you can pre-order them from Seagate now if you absolutely must spend money now. Check the link below.

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