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Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Video: Mind Controlled Angry Birds


A couple of guys named Rafael Misrahi and Anat Samboi from Feng-Gui a group of magicians who call themselves “artificial vision scientist and interactive designers,” were able to use an Emotive Epoch neuro-headset (magic hat) and some free software (magic tricks) called GlovePie to play Angry Birds using nothing but angry thoughts, check out the vid:


OK, so it’s not so ‘magical,’ more like some really slick programming skills and a little effort. Apparently the software (GlovePie) allows them to map mouse/hand gestures and inputs to certain thoughts. It’s pretty damned cool I think, not so much cause it’s angry birds sans physical input, but because it’s going to give more attention to something I think is one of the coolest devices invented in a while, the Emotive headsets.

Here’s Tan Le, the head of Emotive explaining the headsets in a ted talk:


As she explains, developers can purchase the headset which comes aong with the SDK to play with on their own for $500, which isn’t too bad, it’s less than most ‘professional’ editing software.

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