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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Law Enforcement Getting Desperate In The Hunt For LulzSec

Anyone who's been on the web recently surely knows all about LulzSec and their exploits shutting down gaming companies websites, hacking into FBI and CIA servers and posting a false Tupac story on the PBS website. Your also most defiantly privy to Lulz and Anonymous joining forces. Well it would seem law enforcement in the U.S and U.K have the internet and are actively searching for the group(s).

I can't go any further without pointing out the irony here. Remember when the U.S invaded Afghanistan about 9 years ago? Y'know looking for the douchebags responsible for the 9/11 attacks. Do you also remember how Osama Bin Laden  was apparently so good at hide and go seek that the combined forces of the U.S and it's allies could not find him? I do. I also remember how since they couldn't find Bin Laden they just went ahead and hunted down the loudest terrorist/dictator they could find, Saddam Huessein. I see some pretty glaring similarities (not in groups involved naturally, but definitely in the course of action.

It's no secret that Anonymous is a group every major government would love to see exposed. It's also no secret that the governments and security experts have failed miserably in this task (much like they did looking for Bin Laden the first go around) so it would seem they're looking for another target that's more structured and easier to hunt down, enter LulzSec. The law enforcers of the U.K and U.S are feverishly hunting down LulzSec. According to reports going around recently, LulzSec does have an hierarchy and they are being very loud about all their exploits. Since Lulzsec is pretty new it might be only a matter of time before they make a mistake and get caught up, kinda like Huessein. That would give the law enforcers the boost in moral they need right now in order to continue the fight against anonymous.

Now here's where it gets sad/funny/interesting. Just recently (yesterday) the British police arrested a 19 year old kid named Ryan Cleary. The arrest is really a sad attempt at getting closer to LulzSec, Cleary did not have anything to do with the attacks as far as all knowns are known. He merely hosted some of their chats, of course the British police are charging him with some other crimes and claiming he's responsible for DDoS'ing some porn sites as well as SOCA (Serious Organized Crime Agency) which handles the U.K's um, serious crime's or something. Anywho they're still holding the poor kid and probably asking him questions like who do you hang out with? and what movies do these LulzSec characters go to? In other words wasting theirs and his time.

Oh and that's not all, according to some unnamed source the U.S, not to be outdone in stupidity and harassment by the Brits, (we wouldn't want anyone looking worse than us would we?)  went ahead and raided a data center run by a company called Digital One over in Arizona in order to get some intel on LulzSec. Not only is this raid kinda pointless, it also shut down 10's of users servers according to Sergej Ostroumow, the companies owner. Although the number of people affected by the shutdowns isn't large, it's still a slap in the face of someone who most likely has nothing to do with or supports the actions of LulzSec. Great way to waste a day F.B.I, what did all the celebrities finally learn not to take, send or store naked pictures of themselves online? You guys got no more bloggers to hunt down for practicing their first amendment rights? Is that why your going after the Lulz? 

All i have to say is that when your tactics are this desperate and you cant even narrow your suspects search down to even a country, your probably doing something wrong and should re-evaluate your tactics. I would suggest that you stop going after the people doing this for Lulz and to release information the public might want to see and maybe go after people who might be planning some nasty cyber attacks, there's also the little fact that catching and arresting the people smart enough to secure your servers, will not make them safer. Maybe you should ask some of your 'security experts' to go ahead and shore up your defenses a little. I'm just saying is all. 

Source: Information Week

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