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Wednesday, June 22, 2011

New Camera Company, Lytro Offers After shot Focus

A new camera company by the name of Lytro is offering up a new camera and technology that allows photographers to adjust a pictures focus after it's been shot. Check out the sample below.

Lytro hopes it's new cameras will change photography in a drastic way. According to them (and tons of other photographers it would seem), it's damned hard to take a decent in-focus picture, especially when your target is moving. What they're offering is a new kind of camera coupled with an innovative new software package that allows the user to adjust the focus of the picture after it's been taken.

Lytro is also saying that their new tech can allow for 3d imaging and that it will permit new innovations on camera lenses, controls and designs. Since it relies on software rather than a physical shutter, the company says it's new cameras will also take much better low-light and action shots as well.

The software that Lytro is using on their new cameras is called 'light field,' it captures all the light in all directions, in a given frame, unlike traditional cameras which catch all the light in a frame and count it as one source.

Lytro has a website up now that allows users to play with some images taken by the new system, you can check it out in the links below.

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