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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Nintendo’s New Console, Wii U Get’s Unveiled



By: Kareem 

Nintendo just unveiled it’s next console at E3. It’s called the Wii U, has a tablet for a controller and looks pretty sweet. There are still some questions however, but it’s still looking pretty nice.

The controller is a 6.2 inch touch screen tablet-like device. It’s got front and rear facing cameras for video chat and some standard controller buttons (two analog sticks, a d-pad, four face buttons, shoulder buttons, start, select, home, and power).

The interesting thing is how it works. The controller can add content from a game running on screen or mirror the game completley, which is kind of expected since Nintendo’s been interfacing their handheld’s with their consoles for years. The controller can also play a game from the Wii U on it’s own if somebodies using the television, a pretty neat feature that allows you to keep gaming all over your WiFi connection without having to be tied to a T.V.

Oh and that’s not all. There’s also full motion control support and the console will be backwards compatible with all the current Wii’s peripherals and Nintendo has announced a version of Super Smash Bros that can probably be expected at launch.

Now for the questions, Nintendo made no announcements about the price, the details on the specs or when exactly the Wii U will be released. Those are some pretty important questions that hopefully we’ll be getting an answer to soon. The did just announce it about a couple hours ago so there should be tons more info coming out today and in the coming days. For now check out the links below.

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