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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

Microsoft E3 Tons Of Goodies Announced


By: Syeed 

So Microsoft recently held their Keynote at E3 and they’ve got quite a few interesting new plans for Xbox 360 and Live.

First off, live T.V and YouTube will finally be coming to Xbox 360. From what I understand it’s rolling out in Australia and France, but I haven’t been able to track down any specific details on a US release. This is a pretty big addition and might allow for future software that could make your Xbox into a DVR. The new T.V service will also have full Kinect support as well as make use of Bin voice search to help users find content.

As far as games go, it was sequel-a-plenty time there’s Halo 4, which will be the first in a new Halo trilogy, a remake of the original Halo…but in HD and with online co-op, Kinect Star Was was announced…pretty much any decent selling Xbox 360 ever is getting a sequel it seems. My favorite and one I’ve been waiting awhile for is Mass Effect 3, I love that game and can’t wait to finish it out.

There were some other cool things for Kinect announced such as support that will allow players to scan their faces and whatnot, I guess if your going to be shooting your friends in the face online, it might as well look like ‘em right? There’s also tell of a Kinect-enabled version of Mincraft releasing next year, and Kinect Fun Labs, an addition to the Xbox 360’s dashboard that’s pretty much just a goof-around tool for Kinect.

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