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Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Sony Has Lost it’s Mind! Tries to Get IP Addresses of YouTube Users



As if they haven’t overreacted enough by gagging GeoHot, Sony is now going after anyone and everyone who looked at or commented on the PS3 jailbreak videos. Asking Google for their names and other information. These videos are on private channels and Sony has no right to even attempt this after complaining about their rights being violated.

If you ask me Sony has done lost it’s fucking mind. Users are merely trying to restore functionality Sony stole from them in the first place. Some users might have bought PS3’s just to run Linux or make some homebrew games and Sony has done everything they can to shit on their parade.

This really really pisses me off and I don’t even own a PS3, and even though I’m sure most people are fine just playing games and using the allowed functionality, it irks me to no end that Sony, instead of supporting the peoples rights choose to ignorantly and aggressively attack hackers, intelligent people who want nothing more than to explore and understand their technology.

So fuck you Sony here’s one of the many YouTube videos in question.

And here’s a link to a related techdirt article.

Article: Sony Demanding Identity Of Anyone Who Saw PS3 Jailbreak Video On YouTube

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