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Monday, March 7, 2011

Facebook Playing Big Brother, But it’s for Your Own Good


Facebook is releasing a new system that allows users to report people they think might be at risk for committing suicide.

The system (which has already been tested and should roll out any day now) is called ‘Good Samaritan, it basically allows users to report people posting things that might lead them to believe their a threat to themselves (suicidal) to Facebook's admins, in return they'll look at the proposed page and decide whether or not they need to alert police.

This is an invasion of privacy on a whole ‘nother level. Facebook, no matter how good their intents, should not be looking into peoples lives and deciding whether or not they are going to take their own lives. I think that if one of my friends was seriously concerned with my committing suicide then they would do a little more than warn Facebook's admins, like I don’t know, calling me and talking to me, maybe having an intervention.

The point is how long will it be before people are turning each other in for crimes, or infringement or any other BS using Facebook as an anonymous snitch? I firmly believe that if anyone has a problem with me, what I post or they way I act they should feel comfortable enough in their own judgment to talk to me directly.

Maybe I’m reading too much into this, and I honestly hope I am. I hope this system never goes beyond allowing people to help others not commit suicide.

That is all, have a nice day

Oh and check the link for a much less biased article over at BBC.

Article: Facebook adds Samaritans Suicide Risk Alert System.

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