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Monday, March 7, 2011

Help Stop the United States Keep the Internet Uncensored


There’s no question the government is getting little too involved in our personal business, and of course it all for our own safety. However the press doesn't seen to be talking much about domain seizures, copyright expansion and other issues that stand as insults to what we believe is free speech.
There seems to be very little the average citizen can do, but those in Washington who are actually looking at and trying to fix this have suggested we mail (yes good old fashioned paper mail) our representatives in order to stop them from going after websites and battling free speech on the internet.
If your curious as to how to reach your rep you can find info here and if you don’t know what your asking, simply put, you don’t want the United States government to decide what you can and cannot post and read on the internet.
Check the link for an article over at Tech Dirt
Article: How To Get Elected Officials To Actually Hear Our Worries About Censorship: Speak Up!
I can promise you I will do what I can to bring more light to the governments involvement in invading our privacy and controlling our speech.

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