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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

For Once RadioShack is On Top of Their Game, Starting to Sell iPad 2’s today



I’m not a fan of RadioShack, I’m sorry but I worked there for a few months a couple years back and the managers would brag about selling expensive phones and plans to old people who didn’t need them. But I’m willing to put that hatred aside for a moment to let you all know that the iPad 2 is now on sale at 500 RadioShack locations across America. Just in case you couldn’t get your hands on one, what with all the scalpers and all.

This is an amazing shock to me, why? you may be asking. Well because RadioShack has a history of falling on new technology adoption. The most recent adoption fail I can think of is that they were offered to be one of the first AT&T resellers to have the iPhone and turned it down. It’s ok though because they started selling them last March, which is about 5 years late.

So you can go out and buy an iPad 2 at a RadioShack near you, you’ll be breaking my heart but, it’s ok I understand your technolust.

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