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Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Amazon Launches New Cloud Music Service


Amazon Music

Amazon launched a new cloud service today which allows users to store 5GB of music for free and access it on any PC, Mac or any tablet running the Android OS. No support for and iDevices though.

Other companies such as Apple and Google have expressed an interest in opening cloud music services, however Amazon is the first to actually release anything. The big copyright question seems to be the reason Amazons competitors seem iffy to enter into cloud music.

Amazons new cloud music service is built around their Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3) and provides users with a free 5GB virtual HDD to upload their music to. Users can then use their PC or Mac’s browser to access the cloud music player and stream the music to wherever they may be. 

Customers will also be able to stream their music to Android devices via an app called Cloud Player for Android.

Once signed up for the service all music a customer downloads will be uploaded to their cloud drive and available for playback in the aforementioned fashion. The files are stored either as MP3’s or AAC audio in their original bitrate.

Users who want more storage can also pay $20 a year to increase their limit to 20GB and add the ability to store photos, videos and documents, or buy an album thorough Amazon MP3.

The legal issues still loom. People are wondering what right Amazon, Apple or Google have to allow users to buy once and listen anywhere, when publishers are expecting a separate sale for each device?

Source: EWeek


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