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Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Safari and Internet Explorer 8 Hacked in Minuets



The first day of the Pwn2Own contest was today and Apple’s Safari browser was the first to be pwned, followed by IE8, the team set to hack Google's Chrome browser was a no show.

A French pen test company by the name of Vupen successfully hacked Safari in 5 seconds according to witnesses tweets. The team used a zero-day exploit in the browser which allowed them to take advantage of a vulnerability in WebKit and gain complete control of the pwned PC. This is despite Apple updating security in Safari the night before the contest.

IE8 was pwned by Irish security researcher Stephen Fewer, he successfully gained control of a Windows 7 64-bit machine running the browser.

Tomorrow teams will try to hack Firefox before the mobile hack contest starts.

Check out the link for an article over at eWweek.

Article: Apple Safari, Microsoft IE 8 Hijacked by Hackers at Pwn2Own Contest

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