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Friday, March 25, 2011

Samsung Lies, Lies and More Lies!


It’s always secrets and lies with these damn corporations. Samsung recently got caught in a series of pretty brutal lies. Starting with their “Galaxy Tab Interview project” being full of actors portrayed as real users.

Here’s the “Galaxy Tab Interview Project”


First lie: Samsung reported that 2 million Galaxy tabs were sold last fall, that number only counts inventory and not actual tabs sold.

Second lie: Samsung claims that the people featured in their “Galaxy Tab Interview Project were all actual users, Harry McCracken of Technologized did an expose that shows they were all actually actors.

Third lie: Samsung also claims the new Galaxy tab is thinner and lighter than the iPad2, but their mock-up versions are reportedly thicker.

Hyperbole is one thing, claiming you’re the best at 4g, have the best customer support, etc.. is expected of any tech company. But outright lying and promoting numbers that aren’t true isn’t cool. People make investment decisions as well as purchase and development decisions based on information like that found in the “Galaxy Tab Interview Project”,  to mislead or outright lie to the people who support you  could potentially lead to people wrongly backing a product and losing a lot of money. Not cool beans Samsung.

Samsung falsey claiming people actually care about their tab is just pathetic. I’m not hating the tab (haven’t even touched one yet) but I am hating on Samsung’s actions in this matter.

Source: Apple Insider

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