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Saturday, April 30, 2011

Anonymous Plans To Attack Iran


Anonymous recently released a statement saying that they pan to launch an attack against the Iranian government starting on May 1st.

According to their statement:

"The people of Iran have the admiration of Anonymous, and the entire world. We can see that Iran still suffers at the hands of those in power. Your former government has seized control, and tries to silence you. People of Iran--your rights belong to you."

No one’s entirely sure what they plan to do, most are expecting massive DDoS attacks to Iranian Government websites, but there could be more. Anonymous has attacked the Iranian government before to help protestors gain support. I’m not too sure what happened but it would seem that their former government has gotten control and they need a good uprising.

I’ve read a few of the articles and most of them seem to center around the DDoS attacks and totally miss the scale of what anonymous can do, as they’ve shown in the past. It’s more than shutting down websites and denying the ‘bad guys’  access to their computers, it’s more than revealing private, embarrassing information about people until they step aside, it’s about truth in this case. Yes there’s always the revenge ops and other somewhat childish (but still satisfying) attacks on companies that serve no greater purpose than to make people laugh and piss others off. But in this case, it’s about silencing someone who is causing massive harm, removing his propaganda, and replacing it with the truth allowing people to choose which side they want to be on based on facts instead of nonsense censored government propaganda. That’s why anonymous gains support and that’s why people join the protests they support. Because once all the noise is cleared and people can start seeing the real and true things that are going on in their country they tend to get pissed off and want to do something about it. Especially when things are as bad as they seem to be in Iran right now.

It’s different when it’s raw camera footage and people writing from within their own towns as opposed to the censored and biased news you normally get from people who went to school and are paid money to look nice and say the right things in the right way. There are some amazing reporters who go out and get in harms way but none of them have any real stake in the situation, they can always leave. They have no family to protect and no real reason other than, at best a concern for the people involved to be there. Most of them are just there because they’re literally willing to die to get ahead in their career.

So you can say what you want to say about anonymous, and you can keep trying to figure out their names and who they are which is really pointless, it would seem their a global group, and that there are quite a few of them. I really don’t think there are enough jails or people willing to convict them. They can chase the ‘leadership’ but saying anonymous has leadership is just the media’s attempt at trying to make them look like an organization. They’re not an organization, more just like an ethereal idea that people latch onto from time to time when a cause gets their attention. It’s not just for Hackers but for anyone who want to join in their cause at that moment.

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