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Monday, April 18, 2011

iPad 2 Officially Hits Toys R Us

Apple’s insanely popular iPad 2 started selling at Toys R Us over this past weekend. Quite a while before the rumored release next month.
Toys R Us is putting the iPad 2 in 30 states and only in select stores. Along with the iPad 2 Toys R Us will also be selling cases and accessories for the tab.
Some people are concerned that Apple putting the iPad 2 in a toy store might ‘cheapen’ it’s reputation. I think it’s a good move on Apple’s part. I don’t see any devaluation in the iPad’s reputation by it being in a toy store, it’s not like they made a cheaper kid friendly version to sell to Toys R Us, and if this gets better technology into the hand of children I’m all for it.
I think children should be exposed to technology at a younger age. I very much believe that the future of education lies in social networking and gaming.
Toys R Us will be selling the iPad 2 through it’s online store as well as the few stores it’s available in. But there will still be a wait as demand is crakhead high right now for Apple’s ‘magical’ tablet.

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