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Monday, April 11, 2011

Is Facebook Planning a Presence in China?


There have been reports all over the internet the past couple of days about the possibility of Facebook entering into the Chinese market, neither Facebook or Baidu, the company Facebook is reportedly in contact with over working on the project have admitted to anything.

According to all the different reports  Facebook’s CEO mark Zuckerberg was in China last December to meet with the CEO of the China’s largest search engine company Baidu, and not on vacation as people had thought.

Nobody expects China to release it’s ban on Facebook anytime soon, however there are rumors that Zuckerberg and friends plan to join forces with Baidu in order to create a social network from the ground. I expect Facebook’s recently open sourced server and data center technologies will be one of the things their talking about. China is a country that could desperately use a little more green tech.

The only admission from Facebook is that their currently “studying and learning about China.” Whether that means their looking for a way to implement their new green tech out there or they plan to start a new version of Facebook in China is really anyone’s guess. The only thing we can really say is the two companies are talking.

Source: Maximum PC

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