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Tuesday, April 5, 2011

Media Overhypes iPhone, Verizon, AT&T Survey


A recent report by ChangeWave surveyed  4,068 consumers on their iPhone 4 service in an attempt to gauge their satisfaction with the device and see if there are any glaring differences in the “my Verizon iPhone 4 drops less calls than AT&T’s claim. Some people are reporting some wild things based on the numbers in this survey and, no sir I don’t like it.

Just Google iPhone 4 ChangeWave report and you’ll be hit with such headlines as “AT&T’s iPhone 4 Users Report twice as many dropped calls” and “AT&T iPhone 4 Drops More Calls Than Verizon…”  I don’t fault ChangeWave in the least they did a decent survey got some results and shared them with the world that’s fine. My problem is with reports like the ones I mentioned above, I have no idea where whoever wrote these things learned math but I think they need a statistics review.

Let me break this down without complicated mathematics or hyperbole. The report that went along with this survey states that ChangeWave Research surveyed 4,068 customers total, that’s from AT&T and Verizon. The article later happens to mention that 1,283 of those surveyed were Verizon iPhone customers….ok then lets see here 4,068 – 1,283 = 2,285 which means that they surveyed almost double the amount of AT&T customers as they did Verizon. Not to mention the thousands of possible people they could have gotten to if they spent a little more time asking.

Call me stupid but if I was to take something seriously, say a survey/report, I want the numbers to make sense, these numbers do not. I do not believe that this is a valid enough survey for the people who wrote those headlines to be making such wild claims.

I think that this survey should have at least asked the same amount of customers on both providers the same questions. Only then can you have an validity in making such claims. Don;’t fall for media BS or hype I’m not even going to tell you the rest of the claims of this survey because I obviously don’t respect it’s results. Check the link below and you can read it for yourself.

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