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Monday, April 4, 2011

Windows 8 Rumors


Over the weekend some supposed screenshot links of of the new windows 8 UI (user interface) were revealed. The new screenshots show a ‘ribbon’ interface like the one Microsoft used on office 2010, some people liked it, some hated it most just dealt with it or found a way around it.

The ribbon interface looks pretty cluttered to me, I never really liked the one on office 2010, but I did like being able to get rid of it, and the drag and drop customization. In the leaked pictures the interface looks way to cluttered and honestly pretty pointless. I don’t see why Microsoft has to always try and change or reinvent the way Windows looks. I like the Aero look and would rather Microsoft put their effort into better security, maybe upgrade their file system or shrink the kernel like the did when they went from Vista to 7. I want a faster Windows not a more cluttered one. Especially if their going to be shoehorning this onto tablets, which they no doubt will be.

I have to stop myself here to remember that Windows 8 isn’t expected until 2012 so there is a pretty good chance these screenshots are not an example of what the UI will look like, but if these pictures are legit than it pretty disheartening to see Microsoft even considering such a messy interface.

Source: Windows 8 News

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