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Friday, April 22, 2011

PSN Might Be Down A Day or Two


The PSN network went down yesterday and according to The PlayStation blog, it’s going to be a day or two until they can recover. A lot of people are blaming the hacker group Anonymous for the attack, some people are actually blaming GeoHot himself.

I’m lifting my ban on Sony for this one post, then it’s back to FSAD.

Anonymous previously stated that they would not be attacking PSN. They realized that the attacks on the network were harming the gamers more than the company and that is not their intent. Although Anonymous are not one to go back on their word, however, they are a large group with no real control so this could be the work of some pissed off hackers who don’t agree with GeoHot settling with Sony and are just out for revenge. 

The reason people are even assuming it’s an attack rather than just the work of Sony’s crap infrastructure is the timing. There were three major releases just a day before the issues, SOCOM 4, Mortal Kombat and Portal 2.

If this is the work of hackers, there is the question of when will this end? When will they stop attacking Sony? As far as I can tell it’s really up to Sony, if they choose they can apologize and change their TOS to allow people to mod their console. No one is asking that they allow people to run pirated games or do anything illegal, all people who are banning Sony want is for the jackasses that run the company to stop being business machines for a minute and support the playful spirit of hacking like Microsoft, Apple, and other companies have done when faced with this issue.

Ok so maybe they didn’t exactly support the cause, but at least they got the hell out of the way.

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