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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Nokia Releasing New Symbian Phones


Nokia unveiled two new Symbian phones today, along with a press statement touting the growth of the OVI store.
The new phones which will be called the E6 and the X7, will include Symbian’s latest update codenamed Anna, which according to Nokia brings faster browsing, better security, hardware-accelerated encryption, and improved email support.
The E6 is the more business friendly of the two, it features a 2.46 inch touch screen with a full physical QWERTY keyboard, and will come preloaded with Exchange, Communicator Mobile, and SharePoint from Microsoft.

The X7 on the other hand is all about flash, it has a 4 inch AMOLED touch screen, ditches a physical keyboard altogether. comes with an 8MP camera and is social network integrated out of the box. The phone also comes pre-loaded with the Galaxy on Fire HD and Asphalt 5 HD games.
Nokia also released a statement on the status of their OVI store, which apparently is doing really well. According to the numbers the store has jumped from 1 to 5 million downloads a day with well over 100 developers reaching the million download mark.

Ever since Nokia and Microsoft made the announcement to join forces and bring the latters WP7 operating system to the formers devices, people have been wondering what’s going to come of Symbian which has a loyal and talented base of developers already. It’s good to see that Nokia is still supporting Symbian and that the platform is doing so well, however well have to see what happens next year when the OS is expected to be deprecated on all Nokia’s devices. If the numbers keep up the way they are there is no reason to think that Nokia wont continue to support Symbian.

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