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Monday, April 11, 2011

Whiny Winklevoss Twins at it Again


After years of whining and complaining that Mark Zuckerberg stole his idea for Facebook from them, a federal appeals court finally ended the madness today saying that the twins could not renege on their previous settlement with the CEO, and declined to reopen the settlement.

The Winklevoss twins originally sued Zuckerberg for apparently stealing thie idea for a website similar to what Facebook became called connectU. They claimed that not only did Zuckerberg steal the idea but that he stalled them by promising to work on their site while he worked in secret on Facebook, thereby beating them to the punch and crippling their chances of competing in the social networking sphere.

Zuckerberg denied all the claims and just to shut them up paid out a completely undeserved $65 Million in cash and stocks to not only The Winklevii, but their partner Giyva Naredra in 2008. However the Winklevii recently tried to appeal to the courts and get the settlement overturned so they could sue for more, claiming that Facebook’s value was overestimated at the time of the deals and they want more shares of stock or money.

The courts however don’t agree and refused to allow the Winklevii to appeal or whine any more. So I guess Zuckerberg can finally rest easy now that this whole mess is over with, I’m sure it was stressing the 20-something year old billionaire something fierce.

Source: PC World

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