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Monday, June 13, 2011

Apple Gets iSued over iCloud


By: Kareem 

Last week a company by the name of…you guessed it, iCloud filed a lawsuit last week against Apple for copyright infringement.

It would seem that Apple is pretty bad at doing their homework, the company that’s suing them, iCloud has been around for 6 years and apparently Apple had no clue they existed yet went through the trouble of purchasing a U.S Trademark registration for the name iCloud from a Swedish consulting company. Kind of an odd thing.

I would think that if Apple new the U.S iCloud existed they would have purchased the rights to the name from them, and although I do think it’s entirely possible they missed it in researching the name, that’s a little hard to believe since they bought it off the Swedes. I think the more likely possibility is that iCloud Communications (the company suing them) does not own the copyright to the name iCloud but rather that they own the name iCloud Communications and are trying to gain some publicity and maybe a little settlement money from Apple by doing this.

I would like to assume that Apple, being as well off as they are, has good enough lawyers to where they’re on top of it. However they do have a history of acting before thinking. As a matter of fact when the iPhone first came out Apple was sued by Cisco because of the latter’s claim to the name for one of their VoIP devices. That ended with Apple settling, however the details of the settlement were never disclosed.

So I guess it’s not entirely wrong to assume that Apple is getting ahead of itself in the name game again, no one will really know for sure until either Apple starts talking (which they won’t) or the case goes to court and we get to feast on all the juicy details of who owns what.

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Source: Venture Beat

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