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Monday, June 13, 2011

Lulzsec Strikes Again Releases Tons Of Email/Passwords For Adult Site


By: Syeed 

You may remember Lulzsec/Lulzboat as the group that recently hacked PBS and Sony. Well it would appear they’re in full stride still.

Recently the group released the login information of over 25,000 members of the hardcore porn site pron as well as the credentials of 55 administrators of other adult sites. Not only did they steal the login credentials, they also posted a link on their twitter account telling their followers people were probably using the same emails/passwords for their Facebook accounts and that they should login as them and send out messages and posts linking their friends and family to their pron accounts.  Facebook reacted by immediately running a check for the compromised accounts on their servers and changing the passwords, saving many many many people from sure embarrassment.



Among the accounts found were numerous .mil and .gov accounts which means some government types are very likely to be getting a stern talking to at the very least. I find it kind of funny that someone would be stupid enough to link their .mil or .gov email account to a porn site, however there isn’t much funny about what Lulzsec did seeing as I’m an adult now and not allowed to get my Lulz from embarrassing innocent people (ah the good ‘ol days) it would be ‘immature’ of me to say that these people deserve this because there too stupid or lazy to differentiate their email accounts by personal, business, and other. It would be extremely childish of me to say that these hackers are just having fun and in reality not causing any significant harm, and I would be an outright fool if I said I agree with what they did and laughed when I first read the news. So I won’t say those things I um just said. Instead I’ll leave you with a more cliché and ‘PC’ response:

What these hackers did is wrong and criminal and blah blah no ones allowed to have fun or laugh at other peoples misfortunes etc etc and they should be caught wonka wonka and their just kids with nothing better to do wah wah…There I hope that pleases those of you with a-holes so tight you haven’t had a good shit in years.

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Source:  MSNBC

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