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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Google’s Best Two New Search Features


By: Kareem 

Google held a press conference yesterday in which they announced their newest innovations in search. Including adding voice search support for desktops as well as a new feature that instantly loads pages.

The new features will be exclusive to the Chrome browser at first, but Google did mention they have plans to open up the software so Microsoft, Mozilla and Apple can get in on the action.

The new voice search feature will allow users to speak a search query into their desktop’s microphone saving you the trouble of having to type at all. A pretty handy feature if you have trouble typing or if your keyboard breaks.

Instant page loading is what seems to be the most innovative new innovation by Google. The feature works a little bit like the suggested search, just a whole lot sweeter. What it does is attempts to guess which page a user might click on before they click on it. It then preps the pages it guesses so that when a user clicks on the link, the page loads instantly. Not in .05 seconds not even in .00005 seconds, when I say instant I mean instant.  The feature will be rolling out to all Chrome users in the next couple of weeks.

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