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Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Quick Hit: No DVD or Blu-Ray For Wii U


By: Syeed 

Nintendo made mention during a question and answer session with analyst at last weeks E3 that the Wii U will not support Blu-Ray or DVD playback when it releases.

This shouldn’t really be too surprising, I can’t think of one Nintendo console that does support DVD playback let alone the newer Blu-Ray format. Nintendo is saying that it’s due to the pain in the ass amount off effort it takes in order to get all the licensing in order and that so many people own other devices that play Blu-Ray’s and DVD’s the cost and effort isn’t worth it. Apparently that process is both time consuming and expensive…unless of course your Sony.

There’s also the fact that less and less people are actually going out and buying any kind of physical media anymore. The Wii U will support Netflix and nowadays that seems to be enough to please most people.

I don’t think the lack of Blu-Ray/DVD is going to be a deal breaker for anyone looking to buy a Wii U. It seems like a good move by Nintendo, it should help keep he cost down despite the new features and tablet controller.

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