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Thursday, July 14, 2011

Nintendo 3DS Get Netflix


By: Syeed

Netflix is now available for 3DS users on the systems eShop. Kind of a slap in the face to Android users (after all these years no decent integration yet far as I know). Nonetheless a cool addition to the DS’ repertoire of fancy things.

People who download the app will be able to connect to their Netflix accounts and view their instant queues, watch a movie, or continue watching a move they started on another device. All things I wish I could do on my damned Evo Shift but whatever…I’m not bitter.  According to Alexis M over at gaming bits, the interface is “sharp and colorful” and the top screen has a slight 3D effect” on the box art when browsing.  The controls for playback all reside where you would expect them, on the bottom screen. Although there isn’t any 3D streaming content on Netflix yet. Nintendo is assuring people that folks will soon have accesses to an additional library of select movies viewable in 3D without the need for glasses. That’s pretty damn sweet in my opinion.

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Source: Gaming Bits

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