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Thursday, March 24, 2011

Firefox 4 Whoops IE9 in First Day Downloads



Mozilla is reporting that it’s first day downloads for Firefox 4 are 7.1 Million, putting it well ahead of Microsoft's Internet Explorer 9’s 2.35 Million downloads.

Mozilla’s bragging rights will most likely soon be taken away once Microsoft puts IE9 in their update tree. But it’s still a good sign as Microsoft has a notoriously weak history in IE security, Mozilla doesn't share that same history, Firefox has always been a pretty secure browser.

Microsoft has been losing some browser market share over the years to, Mozilla, Opera, Google and Apple, but it remains the king (which is probably the reason it’s so unsecure). I am personally pretty happy at whatever victories Mozilla can lord over Microsoft. Microsoft’s refusal to adopt web standards despite it’s being the most used browser worldwide has been a pain in the ass to web developers for years, it’s good to see them going all out in IE9, adopting all the standards in one fell swoop, but I would rather see a company who has always taken security and web standards seriously.

Source: Information Week

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