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Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Poyekhali! Today Marks the 50 Year Anniversary of Yuri Gagarin’s Space Flight


Cosmonaut Yuri Gagarin was the first man to ever orbit the earth and today, on the 50th anniversary the whole world celebrates.

Poyekhali! or Lets Go!, in English were the last words the 27 year old cosmonaut shouted before his triumphet blast off into space on April 12th 1961. Gagarin’s 108 minuet flight began that day at 7:08 GMT and ended when Gagarin touched down in a farm where he was greeted by a farmer who offered him bread and milk.

Christopher Riley released a YouTube video (you can see it below) that is a re-creation of Gagarin’s first flight using footage shot from the international space station synched with the original audio from the flight.

Be warned the video is over 90 minuets so make sure you got plenty of time to spare, maybe grab some popcorn, sit back and invite some lucky lady over for a night of full on space geekery.

Google is also paying homage by changing their search page picture to this: firstmaninspace11-hp-js


So remember today as you go about your day, to give a thought to one of humanities bravest persons. No questions others came after, but you have to respect a man who was willing to risk his own life at such a young age to further the advancement of space exploration.

So Spasiba to Mr. Gagarin, for having such a fearless spirit. Now break out the vodka, let’s celebrate!

Source: The Register

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