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Monday, April 11, 2011

Windows 8 App Store Rumors


A flood of rumore recently hit the web about Microsoft’s next big OS, Windows 8. The newest of these rumors comes complete with a screen shot of what might be a new App Store.


The picture above is rumored to be of Windows 8’s new app store, which according to reports is going into beta testing within Microsoft very soon. Keep in mind that the OS is still in the early stages of development and these rumors and reports are totally unsubstantiated, still, it never hurts to imagine does it?

If the rumors are true and Microsoft is planning a new app store in Windows 8 then it could help boost WP7 sales by simplifying the whole smart phone - PC relationship in much the same way Apple has with their app store’s integration into all their OS’.

Microsoft knows the importance of tablets in the future, so an app store would make sense if their planning on diving into that form factor with any sort of serious effort.

I would say this is a big step for Microsoft but I think with Android and iOS already offering pretty damn good PC – Smart Phone integration and specialized OS’ for tablets. This would only serve to catch Microsoft up to their competitors in a market their currently only a tiny part of.

Time will tell if the App Store makes it into the Windows 8 final build, it seems like a pretty natural addition to the OS, what with Microsoft making more and more moves toward the mobile market.

I just hope that Microsoft has learned it’s lesson from Windows 7 and dosen’t make one gigantic kernel and expect to shoe horn it onto every device possible.

Source: The Next Web

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